Discover Your Purpose

Life Track is a discipleship pathway that guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. Life Track is made up of four steps that equip you to 1) Know God, 2) Find Community, 3) Serve People, and 4) Leave a Legacy.




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Intensive: December 2nd at every campus

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Step One: Know God

You were made to know God. He is personal and relational. God has made himself known in Jesus Christ. The Bible is ultimately about Jesus; therefore, we can know God through spending time in the Word and spending time in prayer.

Step Two: Find Community

When you come to know God, He adopts you into his family, makes you a citizen of his kingdom, and places you in a body called the Church. No one lives for God in isolation. We find community by gathering together and growing together.


Step Three: Serve People

We glorify God when we leverage the abilities He has given us to bless and serve others. Serving people isn’t about how talented we are, but about how gracious God is to do His work through us. We can serve by loving the church and loving the community.

Step Four: Leave a Legacy

Our lives are so brief, but we can do something in our lives that will outlive us. No one left a bigger legacy that Jesus. No one changed this world through their life as much as Jesus did. We join that legacy when we do two things – go on the mission and give to the mission.



Step 1 – December 2nd Intensive

Step 2 – December 2nd Intensive

Step 3 – December 2nd Intensive

Step 4 – December 2nd Intensive


Hampton:  12:30 PM

Greenbrier: 12:30 PM

 Harbour View: 12:30 PM

 York River: 12:30 PM