Parents, no one has more potential to influence your child’s relationship with God than YOU! In Deuteronomy 6, parents are instructed to impress the truths of loving God above all else on our kids. Also, as a parent, your potential to influence your child dramatically increases when you partner with the church. We also know that the church’s influence dramatically increases when we partner with you.  Combining the influences of church and home can make a greater impact than either influence could ever do alone.  When we work together, we show kids that faith isn’t just something set aside for Sundays. It’s everyday. It’s life! So, let’s do this together!

Your kids will grow up a lot faster than you ever dreamed. That’s why we help you stay focused on what you can do today to connect with your child. We know you can’t cram anything more to do in your already busy day so we help you use the time you already have.  Parent Cue utilizes times of the day you already have that are specific for each phase of your child. Look for these in the Parent CUEs below with simple things to say, ask, and do to connect with the heart of your child. Each CUE even connects right back to what your child is learning at church that week. Below you’ll find an explanation of each cue by phase (Cuddle time may not work for your 5th grader, unless you love lots of eye rolls.)



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